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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Marriage Plot

First, I think I should re-read The Marriage Plot. Jeffrey Eugenides is amazing. I should also re-read Middlesex. I find books I love, devour them and then just walk away, like thanks for the good read. Peace out. I should read them again. Many times. I feel like that's what good, responsible readers do. I'm actually not sure what a 'responsible reader' is. (Someone who wears a condom while they read?) Probably someone who reads for the sake of some academic endeavor, which I am not. I should for sure make more notes in the margins, though. I love notes in the margins.
Anyway, I loved The Marriage Plot and I read it last summer while eating tons of raspberries that grew in our backyard. The two sensations are totally enmeshed. Taking in the wonderful, well-crafted writing of Jeffrey and loads of super sweet and sometimes sour fruits with little seeds for texture and literally tasting the sunshine in the berry flesh. There's an analogy deep in there, for all the characters in Jeff's book and aspects of the fruit, but I won't get into that today, because it would probably be pretty dumb.
I was actually just trying to talk about marriage. We're driving to a wedding in Missouri this weekend. It's a friend of Caleb, my boyfriend, that's getting married. My best friend is getting married in September. We have another wedding in September, too. I'm filling in an RSVP right now (declining). But this is small potatoes. Three summers ago we went to 8 weddings or something weird like that. There were a lot. I'm trying to point out that a lot of people get married. It's a thing, I guess.
Fine, never mind. I have nothing insightful to say about marriage today. Other than, of course, I should put re-reading The Marriage Plot on my list.

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